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What You Sense

8-9 October
Föreningsgatan 2

“What You Sense” is about playing, exploring and collective creating. The target group is people with cognitive and physical disabilities.

By creating interactive objects that are visually and tactically interesting, in combination with immediate and distinct audiovisual response, we want to inspire our visitors to interact with their surroundings.

The ongoing project “What you sense” is run by designer Amanda Emricson and composer Ulf Klarström.


Amanda Emricson (1990)

The focus of her work is often the correlation between the beholder and the objects, and what happens in these meetings. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Design from HDK, the Academy of Art and Craft in Gothenburg. 


Ulf Klarström (1982)

Ulf Klarström has studied composition at The Gotland School of Music Composition and The Royal College of Music in Stockholm. He works with interactive art, as a musician, theatre musician and as a composer. He is fascinated by cross-disciplinary collaborations and how new technology constantly offers the art new possibilities.


Opening hours

Tuesday October 8, 16 – 20

Wednesday Ocotober 9, 14 – 20. Short presentation of the project 18.00.