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Panel talk and installation: Unboxning the Monument of Frihamnen

October 11th, 15.00-18.30

Unboxning the Monument of Frihamnen is an essayistic after study made by Julia Andreasson about the Jubilé Park project in Gothenburg, that unveils a speculative hidden story of a monumental founding of a bus stop for the park. the park is situated in frihamnen – which in moment of writing is one of many areas of transformation in the city. Several art and architecture groups were invited to build a public park and together with the public investigate the culture of bathing. The park is also functioning as a testing area for sustainable city planning – in terms of both social and environmental issues.

Today’s amount of documentation is a growing ocean. we document everything meanwhile we don’t really know how we will use it. When documenting is a natural part of our collective systems it might be that we need to give the act more care. Documentation is usually made with a goal in mind – an event is being visualized and saved for our collective memory. In the project Unobxing the monument of Frihamnen a method of revisiting and reflecting on past events through documentation is explored. In collaboration with Muf architecture/art and their documentation the Jubilee Park project is explored and seen with new eyes. By adding an object and a material  related to the site – the monument and the soap – a specific search filter is created. Documentation is usually known to move from the 3-dimensional to the 2-dimensional, in this project though, the movement is the opposite. A sculptural extension is made out of the flatness of the document. It is an attempt to design something new with the main goal of deepening reflection about experiences from the past.

During Gothenburg design festival this installation will be used as a backdrop for a public talk between members from several of the art and architecture groups that has been part of the Jubilé Park project. The process will be documented and published on the digital platform for the project.

The talk is moderated by Maryam Fanni och participating is: Sam Carvalho from On/Off, Santiago Cirugeda from Recetas Urbanas and a member from Muf architecture/art.

Contact: [email protected]