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To slaughter a tree

October 11th, 19.00-00.00
Lillhagsvägen 88, Hisings Backa

To slaughter a tree is a performance where a tree will be sacrificed. The craftsman meets the tree in a poetic and respectful way when he slaughter it into pieces.

How will our experience of the tree as material change if we see it as a part of a bigger entity? And how can the meeting with tree as an individual alter the forms we use its material for?

Gyllene furkällarn

Only half a stair down from the slaughter room you are invited in to Gyllene Furkällarn – Lillhagen’s own tree hunting bar. Refreshing drinks will be served together with delicious meals and soft conversations.

Studio BOSSA is design collective based in Gothenburg. BOSSA consists of the HDK alumnees Jonatan Appelfelt, Hanna Höglund, Vanessa Fernandez, Jonas Lilja, Kim Björnson, Carl Martinson and Josefin Sjökvist.

Adress: Lillhagsvägen 88, 422 43 Hisings Backa