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The future comes to the School of Business, Economics and Law

October 8th, 11.00-16.00
School of Business, Economics and Law

– Artificial intelligence and future professions

There is a big gap in the understanding between the technology we use today and the technology that will be around us in the near future. Artificial intelligence combined with the expansion of digitalisation, automation and robotisation have an almost self-written role in technology development. But at the same pace as new technology develops, its consequences are also implemented in human culture. When the job has disappeared, the meaning of existence is eroded and the technology is fully developed – what will be the role of man?

Through the project Profession: By training data generators we take the step into the future to investigate one of the few remaining professions. As a training data generator, man has been placed in a subordinate relationship to the machine. The only thing the fictional research institute Research Institute of Non-human Knowledge (RINHK) strives for is that new data is generated to develop the all-encompassing AI.

The Research Institute of Non-human Knowledge comes to the School of Business to investigate the level of quality and potential among university students in the hope of finding some future access.

The project is run by designers Kristina Schultz and Johan Lindberg.