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Rob Law

October 10th-12th
ICIA, Järnmalmsgatan 5

Digital capitalism now permeates the very core of our societies and our lives. Market logic is the guiding principle and the information that the tech companies collect about us is sold to the highest bidder, whether it happens to be government, government or the market. Network and business theorist Shoshana Zuboff believes that digital technology has deepened existing inequalities in the world rather than given us increased freedom as human beings. The complexity of this new order, in which it is not a totalitarian state that serves to control the people, but a large number of ubiquitous companies operating in the interests of surveillance capital, Zuboff, in contrast to The Big Brother, calls The Big Other.

Rob Law is the first part of a two-part exhibition series that explores the power and manipulation of digital capitalism. What is the art of potential in this context? How can artists mediate new digital technology while challenging the existing abuse of it?

With and by: ICIA, STUDIO ALIGHT, Fredrik Garneij, Samantha Hookway and Christofer Kanljung

In English.

Thursday and Friday: 14.00 – 18.00

Saturday: 12.00 – 16.00

More information at the Institute for Contemporary Ideas and Art.