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About practical knowledge and risks

October 7, 13.00-15.00

A conversation that revolves around the artistic exploration process and how that process can put yourself at risk. By taking an exploratory approach, the ability to see opportunities that manifest themselves in the work process is trained, so that the ability to deal with the uncertainty in an artistic work is further strengthened. The talk will also include the view of practical knowledge, what it is and how doing affects the work process.

In the middle of the conversation are Jonna Lappalainen and Eva Dahlin.

Jonna Lappalainen is a lecturer in The Theory of Practical Knowledge and works as a teacher and researcher at the Center for Practical Knowledge at Södertörn University. Eva Dahlin is an artist who works with painting and three-dimensional form and has long experience of talking to students about processes in the role of teacher at the School of Design and Crafts.

Outside the room for the talk, graduate students in design year two show a collective display of materialized traces and imprints, hitting the middle of an exploratory design process. In the course Exploring Design Projects, the students, starting with their previous individual work, examine how a designer works with the information we get through our senses – what is called perception, perception, perception or perception.

The lecture will be in Swedish.