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Making a living: Staffan Holm + Lisa Marie Bengtsson

October 8th, 13.00-15.30

Presentations by Staffan Holm and Lisa Marie Bengtsson

13:00 Lisa Marie Bengtsson

14:00 Staffan Holm

15:00 Discussion moderated by Maryam Fanni

Maryam Fanni is a graphic designer based in Stockholm and Gothenburg with a degree from Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design. Apart from running a studio focusing on printed matter, she is a co-founder and member of collectives MMS, working on design history-writing from a feminist perspective, and Mapping the Unjust City, investigating civil rights in relation to ownership in the built environment. Since 2018 she is a PhD student in Design at HDK Academy of Design and Crafts with a project on the aesthetic order of local centers in Stockholm suburbs.

In English.

Lisa Marie Bengtsson

Lisa Marie Bengtsson is a designer working across the disciplines. She has a distinctive competence in the field of child culture and co-production with children. With a BA in product & furniture design and an MFA in child culture design she has developed a practice that explores the relationship between her intuitively process-led work and participants interaction. 

Her interest in design for children’s environment are translated in various ways throughout her work, but always drawing on possibilities for children’s self-expression. This often has an outcome as spatial design, interactive exhibitions or workshops within cultural institution.


Staffan Holm

Staffan Holm works as a designer out of his studio in Gothenburg, and has been doing so for the last 10 years. Staffan has a background as a furniture carpenter and his focus is furniture and products, though he also works with interiors and exhibitions. His studio works with both Swedish and international clients such as Swedese SE, Muuto DK, Hay DK and Ariake JP.


Making a Living: A HDK conference that looks at practices and strategies that designers and workers in crafts use to organise themselves and others in multi- and/or trans-disciplinary work. Spread out over three days and three sessions Making a Living includes talks and discussions around the issues of taking place as a professional after a Design or Crafts education. It is about Making a Living.