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Making a living: Henrik Franklin + Lina Sofia Lundin

10th October, 13.000-15.30

Presentations by Henrik Franklin and Lina Sofia Lundin.

13:00 Henrik Franklin

14:00 Lina Sofia Lundin

15:00 Discussion moderated by Maja Gunn

Maja Gunn is Professor of Craft specialized in Textiles at the program Textile-Body-Space at HDK Steneby. She is a Doctor of Philosophy in Design. Maja Gunn’s research and practice involves art, craft and design’s potential to create social and political change. Her research projects ranges from a wide spectra such as developing artistic methodology to challenge heteronormativity in the context of clothing; through design and architecture suggest new standards to gain equality in the Fire Rescue Services and the methodology and effect of making films for people with dementia. Her practice includes artistic and curatorial practices, writing, moderating and lecturing. Maja Gunn is part of HDK’s Research Council and member of the Steering Committee of AgeCap, Centre for Ageing and Health at Gothenburg University.

In English.

Lina Sofia Lundin

Lina Sofia Lundin is a textile artist and project leader. She investigates art processes in relation to material, knowledge and place. She is based on the countryside of Sweden where she cultivates natural fibers and dye plants. Often she is incorporating local skills from the community by including participants in activities around cultivating and crafting. 

Residents involvement in city planning, dialogues about our public spaces and cross- disciplinary collaborations also capture her interest. 

Lina Sofia has a BA degree in Textile Art from the Academy of Art and Craft in Gothenburg,  Specialist Craft Tutor from Nyckelviksskolan and studied Ethnology at Stockholm University.

Henrik Franklin

Henrik Franklin is a cartoonist, animator and graphic designer based in Gothenburg. His practice ranges from conventional cartoons to objects, films and installations, working both with clients and personal projects. With a main focus on different ways of combining text and imagery Henrik’s methods include a variety of media and formats, such as exhibitions, zines and other forms of printed matter.

Henrik took his bachelors degree in design at HDK in 2010 and his masters degree in 2012 at Konstfack, Stockholm.

Instagram: @henrikfranklin



Making a Living: A HDK conference that looks at practices and strategies that designers and workers in crafts use to organise themselves and others in multi- and/or trans-disciplinary work. Spread out over three days and three sessions Making a Living includes talks and discussions around the issues of taking place as a professional after a Design or Crafts education. It is about Making a Living.