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Making a living: Geometry Assemble 

8th October, 16.00-17.30

Together we assemble shapes and transform the space.

The given material invites you to work in a quick pace using two dimensional geometrical shapes.

The workshop also gives you an opportunity to create designs that can inspire your own projects.

We will practice being bold, brave and less precious about our decisions and ideas.

Less thinking, more making.

Fun for all ages.

In room 301 at HDK in Gothenburg.

Lisa Marie Bengtsson

Lisa Marie Bengtsson is a designer working across the disciplines. She has a distinctive competence in the field of child culture and co-production with children. With a BA in product & furniture design and an MFA in child culture design she has developed a practice that explores the relationship between her intuitively process-led work and participants interaction. 

Her interest in design for children’s environment are translated in various ways throughout her work, but always drawing on possibilities for children’s self-expression. This often has an outcome as spatial design, interactive exhibitions or workshops within cultural institution.