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October 8th, 10.00-20.00

This activity explores how design based on an artistic foundation can help strengthen the relationships between different community actors by creating a growing table together.

We believe that cooperation is the key to achieving sustainable development, but our experience is that cooperation is a complex endeavor, especially when you are a small player in a large social system. To explore how to grow together in a sustainable way is the core of this event which is based on a reflexive design practice. We argue, to create together is to grow together, and the idea is to organize a performative activity where we build a table together that can grow and expand, also over time. The goal is to exchange knowledge and experience by eating, building and conversing around issues related to sustainable development, locally and globally.

Bring warm and practical clothes, possibly a raincoat and a cheerful mood!

Opening hours

10.00-16.00 Preparations

16.00-18.00 Building the table

18.00-20.00 Food and conversations around the table

How to get there:

Bus stop Linnarhults vägen (with bus Blå Express) 424 57 Gunnilse. Follow the signs.

This activity is arranged together with Stadslandet Göteborg, which is a EU-financed project that is driven by Business Region Göteborg i collaboration with Göteborgs Stad and Coompanion. More information here: