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Folded mountains/Veckberg

10-11th October
Weekend Residency, Transistorgatan 41 

Folded mountains/Veckberg is a concept within geology that describes a fold-shaped nature of mountains. Folds, which most of all belong to the soft, and mountains that, unlike the soft, are grinded for thousands of years. In the concept of Weekend Residency, there is only a three-day long meeting with the place where something is to be developed, created, as a clear contrast to both the rock and the stone. On location in Gothenburg, the artists Cecilia Cissi Hultman & Tiina Palmu therefore combine the mountain’s slow pace with the idea of ​​the sometimes very temporary and fast that artistic work can (seem to) be. Their starting point have been a stone collection by a four-year old and a just started dialogue on the theme of fall (to fall), by and through their different forms of expression; video, sculpture, drawing and installation.


Weekend Residency is an artist-in-residence program run by artist Johanna Adebäck and designer Pontus Johansson in their shared home. Since its inception in 2012, both Swedish and international guests have been offered a weekend stay in a unique work environment with a personal character. Folded mountains/Veckberg is the first exhibition produced within the program.

Note, to enter the exhibition, one must ring the door phone at the entrance. Welcome!


Opening hours

10th October, 16.00-19.00

11th October 15.00-19.00