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Fake Empire

12th October
Rexcell, Lager 6, Hajuddevägen, Dals Långed

Fake Empire is an exploration of human co-existence. The materials selected for a sweeping, translucent construction dictate the projection – a one of a kind experience. Resonating with it’s surrounding industrial space; Fake Empire echoes historic depth.

KÅDA is a platform and artist collective, run by students and alumni at HDK Steneby. This platform holds a wide range of artistic practices in various mediums and scales. During the Gothenburg Design Festival we invite the visitors to experience our latest creation – Fake Empire. This piece is a monumental video installation intertwining bodily, spacial, visual, and tactile experiences.

Kåda jointly presents this work. Throughout the collective’s competences, from textile design, to metalworking, furniture making and fine art; have been utilised.

We welcome you to Rexcell’s Shutdown Facilities, Lager 6, Hajuddevägen, Dals Långed


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