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9th October, 17.00-20.00
City library

The exhibition MAOW 2019 / DESIGN EXCAVATIONS is hosting an ongoing and extensive program of different set-ups and activations that will constantly rearrange the space over the course of five days. This is the schedule for the opening night:


17:00-19:00 Vernissage

Language: english

Audience: Adults




17:15 Welcome Talk

Language: english

Audience: Adults

Speaker: Carl-Johan Skogh




18:00-19:00 Opening of Microbe Guest Book

The non-human, what is it? who does this apply to? Are all humans entirely human? To reflect on the relation between the human and the non human we invite all to leave a mark in a microbe guestbook, letting your inhabitants present themselves. This is a celebration of a more-than-human world.


Language: english

Audience: Adults

Project name: MÄRKA

Students: Klara Lindqvist & Philippa Stenmarker

Code: L/03, S/08




18:15-20:00 Opening of Mapping Session booking calendar

What does your process for developing ideas look like? Is i sometimes hard to see the next step? Book a time in my schedule and we mapp it out together.


Language: english

Audience: Adults

Project name: The script of doing

Student: Ida Sondell

Code: S/07



The day by day programme









Browse through the online catalogue to read more about the exhibition, the works of the participating designers and the activities at the City library. For the best experience use the full screen button.

You can also download the catalogue: MAOW Design excavations.pdf (15 Mb)