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12th October, 08.00-18.00
City library

The exhibition MAOW 2019 / DESIGN EXCAVATIONS is hosting an ongoing and extensive program of different set-ups and activations that will constantly rearrange the space over the course of five days. This is the schedule for Saturday 12th:


10:00-18:00 Transform-ing (with) materials

What if we can experience time in a different scale together with the daily objects around us? Welcome to explore how time is translated through the objects designed in the project, Transform-ing (with) materials. You are very welcome to interact with them, and also with time passing.


Exhibition: 10:00-18:00

Artist present: 14:00-14:30

Lamp activation:  10:30, 14:00, 16:00

Language: english

Audience: Adults/Teenagers

Project name: Transform-ing with materials

Student: Ting-Hsuan Chang

Code:  C/01




10:00-12:00 Community Building through Play

Join a session of building with a large wooden construction set and creating spaces from your imagination. Whether you are a grown up, a child, or a young teen, you’ll have fun building, and creating your dream spaceship, house, or playspace.

Explore how building and playing together can strengthen your bond with your team and improve your creative outcome. Feel free to bring a friend, sibling, child or parent!


Exhibition: 10:00-14:00

Workshop: 10:00-11:00

Language: english

Audience: Adults/Teenagers/Kids

Project name: Community Building through Play

Student: Leila Natsheh

Code: N/01




11:00-13:00 Bubble Café

Welcome to a Saturday brunch pop up café. This is a reconstruction of the café used in the designers project “Bubble café” that explores how participatory design can be used to enrich the everyday social life of youths living in the countryside. The work articulates many urgent issues, such as loneliness, social anxiety, depression among youths, marginalisation, and the replacement of activities in the physical world with social interactions in digital environments.

Bubble café invites you to participate in the design process from whom a space is created – for the kids, by the kids, with the designer as a guide.


Café: 11:00-13:00

Language: english

Audience: Teenagers

Project name: Bubble Café

Student: Biba S Jelusic

Code:  S/04




12:00-14:00 Astro Park

In the ambitious work ”Astropark”, Donglai Zhu has developed a functional prototype of a virtual reality game that visualizes key concepts and theories within astrophysics, in particular string theory, quantum mechanics, and celestial movements. She creates a narrative and a visual language that encourage the viewer to reflect upon the big questions that astrophysics tries to answer – questions that concern us all. Welcome to try it out!


VR tryout: 12:00-14:00

Language: english/swedish

Audience: Adults/Teenagers/Kids

Project name: Astro Park

Student: Dong lai Zhu

Code: Z/02




13:30-18:00 Open call: to arms

The history of design can be told in several ways. As a tale of beauty, human accomplishment, creativity, and never ending progress, but also as a story of ruthless capitalism, manipulation, depletion of resources, and dominance over nature. Needless to say, the conception of design as a practice that supports human welfare and the good life in general is the dominant one.

Come listen to designer Eirini Angkel when she presents her work that uncovers the complex semiotic and material networks in which both design and weapons are part. Connecting the history of weapons with design history, the project reflects on a wide range of issues – from the perception of weapons as artefacts and design as practice to their roles in geopolitical power relations. Inspired by the French sociologist Bruno Latour, Eirini Angkel does not understand weapons as passive objects – they are ”actants”, just like the people using them. Thus, the designer cannot claim to be innocent.


Exhibition: 13:30-18:00

Artist Talk: 14:00-15:00

Language: english

Audience:  Adults/Teenagers

Project name: Open call: to arms

Student: irina Angkel

Code: A/02




14:00-15:30 (from Röda Sten) Remixing thoughts: Katja Aglert

In the first episode of the series; Remixing thoughts, Studio Märka meets artist Katja Aglert, and talks about her practice in relation to different concepts and approaches that affect both the human and the more than human. A collaboration with GIBCA-Gothenburg International Biennial for Contemporary Art.


Live screening: 14:00-15:30

Language: swedish

Audience: Adults/Teenagers

Project name: MÄRKA

Students: Klara Lindqvist & Philippa Stenmarker

Code: L/03, S/08




16:00-17:30 Tactile Interaction II

How do we relate to each other and to our environment?

Casual interpersonal touch is being considered as important to form and maintain social bonds.

The skin is our sensory interface to the outside world.

In a playful workshop environment, facilitated by Gothenburg’s Contact Improvisation Network, we will explore ways of tactile interaction and communication. Come in your everyday clothes and bring some comfortable socks. No shoes:)


Workshop: 16:00-17:30

Language: english

Audience: Adults/Teenagers/Kids

Project name: Tactile Interaction

Student: Jessica Litzel

Code: L/04




The day by day programme








Browse through the online catalogue to read more about the exhibition, the works of the participating designers and the activities at the City library. For the best experience use the full screen button.

You can also download the catalogue: MAOW Design excavations.pdf (15 Mb)