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11th October, 08.00-20.00
City library

The exhibition MAOW 2019 / DESIGN EXCAVATIONS is hosting an ongoing and extensive program of different set-ups and activations that will constantly rearrange the space over the course of five days. This is the schedule for Friday 11th:


8:00-20:00 Resilient Café

Resilient Café is an artistic research project performed in collaboration with the solidarity shop Rescue Missionin Mölnlycke. It is an exploration of the solidarity shop, its objectives, practices and values such as solidarity and resilience by making them visible through the design practice.

The remains of coffee can be treated as waste, but also as a valuable trace of something that has happened, a memory. In Resilient Café, left-over coffee ground is used to dye wool and textiles, it is mixed with plaster to become boundary objects. The coffee and the plaster are healing mediums to create new objects from broken furniture pieces or textile found in the shop. Please welcome to the City Library café where these different objects from this project are exhibited in solidarity with the space,people and its furniture!


Exhibition: 8:00-20:00 (in the City Library café)

Film screening:  13:00-14:00 (in the exhibition hall)

Language: english

Audience: Adults/Teenagers

Project name: Resilient Café

Student: Léane Ollivier

Code: O/01




8:00-11:00 Oh, what a mess!?

To inspire open-ended play and tactile exploration among preschool children, Eva-Liisa Kubinyi has developed a digital, open-source method and a set of tools, that help children and pedagogues to make the spatial obstacles to creative play to temporarily vanish. Here, materials such as long cardboard tubes and huge sheets of paper are used to help children to transform their classrooms into imaginary worlds – or just have crazy fun and make a huge mess together. Welcome to join, observe or just cheer on when a pree-school from Landala visits the city library for a workshop!


Exhibition: 8:00-11:00

Workshop: 10:00-11:00

Language:  english

Audience: Kids

Project name: Oh, what a mess!?

Student: Eva Liisa Kubinyi

Code: K/02




8:00-15:00 Shifting Sands

In this project exhibition you get to meet with sand as a resource, a legacy, a memory. The discussion about sand takes place in the relation between material, memory & nature through perspectives of animism and social anthropology, among others. The display setting shows the variation of collections, explorations and collaborations. In this project, the site was the lead, the materials the process and the collaborations the development of objects and insights. The exhibited objects will work as a conversation starter for a collaborative talk about place and poetry together with Fanny (Project o-o) and invited guests.


Exhibition: 8:00-15:00

Panel talk: 11:30-12:30

Language: english/swedish

Audience: Adults/Teenagers

Project name: Shifting Sands

Student: Märta Karlsson

Code: K/01




11:00-15:00  o-o Connecting to the world of Tångudden

o-o is presented as an assemblage of stories told in various ways that encourage us all to relate to our surroundings in manners that are more attentive, thoughtful, and caring than they usually are. The project can be seen as a collaboration with the place Tångudden and its human and non-human dwellers, who are invited to make themselves seen and heard as subjects. The exhibited stories will work as a conversation starter for a collaborative talk about place and poetry together with Märta (Project Shifting Sands) and invited guest Henrik Spjutnes.


Exhibition: 11:00-15:00

Panel talk: 11:30-12:30

Language: english/swedish

Audience: Adults/Teenagers

Project name: o-o, Connecting to the world of Tångudden

Student: Fanny Lindh

Code: L/01



For many designers, bureaucracy is the enemy of creativity – the antithesis of what we are taught design should be all about. At best, it is seen as a necessary evil; boxes to be ticked, rules to be bent, red tape to be cut. But the creeping bureaucratisation of the design process, particularly in fields such as architecture and urbanism, means bureaucracy now accounts for the majority of a designer’s time. The more we struggle against it, the more we are bound in its web. By seeing design as a victim of regulations and legislation, the profession is reconciling itself to compromise. But if we learn to see bureaucracy as part of the design process, it can become a powerful form of design without drawing lines. How can bureaucracy be understood not as a constraint on creativity, but as a field for creativity in its own right?

Finn Williams is Co-founder and CEO of Public Practice, a social enterprise based in London that embeds design expertise within public organisations. Having trained in architecture and worked for the Office of Metropolitan Architecture and General Public Agency, Finn spent 10 years in the public sector at Croydon Council, and the Greater London Authority. He is now a leading advocate for public planning in the UK, with roles on the Raynsford Review Task Force, Labour Planning Commission and RIBA Planning Group. Finn is also a Visiting Professor at the Institute of Innovation & Public Purpose at UCL, a tutor at the Royal College of Arts, and was co-curator of the British Pavilion at the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale.
The talk will be in English


15:00-20.00 Unboxing the Monument of Frihamnen

The public panel discussion about Frihamnen will begin with a common performative “unboxing” that is framed by the spatial installation of the project. The installation is made as a three-dimensional structure and speculation built from documentation made of Muf-Architecture/Art. The installation is made with the park’s bus stop and its name “Frihamnsporten” as a central point and problematizes and expands the meaning of building a port. The panel discussion consists of guests that in various ways has worked with Frihamnen such as; Sam Carvahlo from On/Off and Jesus Flores from Recetas Urbanas and will be moderated by Maryam Fanni from HDK.


Exhibition: 15:00-20:00

Unboxing: 15:30-17:00

Panel Discussion: 17:00-18:00

Language: english

Audience: Adults/Teenagers

Project name:  Unboxing the Monument of Frihamnen

Student: Julia Andréasson

Code: A/01



The day by day programme








Browse through the online catalogue to read more about the exhibition, the works of the participating designers and the activities at the City library. For the best experience use the full screen button.

You can also download the catalogue: MAOW Design excavations.pdf (15 Mb)