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Carboard sculpture

October 11th 14.30-18.00

Welcome to a two-day workshop run by Mikaela Eira Wallin, a graffiti painter and a jewellery artist studying her second year at HDK, where we will explore new materials and unexpected sculptural qualities.

“I have always been interested in scupltural expressions and recycled art and that is why I want us to use cardboard, because it is recyclable and a really easy material to find for almost no money at all.”

The focus of the workshop is to explore how cardboard can be used as material in artistic research, but even more it’s a chance to build something really big together with others.

First, we will try to find the boundaries of the material by bending, smashing, soaking it and by provoking it in any way possible. The second step is to build something really big, collectively or in smaller groups depending on how many we will be. The goal is to build a life size horse, or even larger than that, so please think big.”


N.B change of time and date!


The workshop is held in Glashuset in the courtyard of Valand