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A-Venue: NECK C7

7-11 oktober
The project C7 is an exhibit by Mimmi Lassen Westberg, an artist that mainly express her work in photography and videography. Her work explores identity, gender, todays society and philosophical questions. The project can be open for interpretation depending on what is the horizon of the viewer. Is it about the alienation from reality created by social media and smartphones, or is it about evolution and ergonomics? By forcing the head down we are not only making our necks weaker, we are isolating ourselves both mentally and physically. This is a subject that the artist Mimmi Lassen Westberg continues to come back to in most of her work, since its a important contemporary topic that allows questioning from many perspectives.

C7 is created to indulge the audience to interact with the room. Scan the QR code and be a part of the installation.

The exhibition is on display at Medicinaregatan 5b (medicinarelängdan) in the venues for Sahlgrenska Akademin.

Opening hours

Monday – Friday 08-17.00


The exhibition is part of A-venue